Masonboro Sound

Acoustic 'Grass Folk Rock

Masonboro Sound - Your Neighborhood Band - Here we have some samples of our music.  First up are a couple of songs off the Demo CD then some from our CD, Live!  Volume 1   


Here is I've Just Seen A Face by the Beatles: IveJustSeenAFace.MP3

Here is You Ain't Going Nowhere by Bob Dylan: YouAintGoingNowhere.MP3

NEW! How about a classic 3-part harmony tune Bring it on Home from our CD: by Otis Redding

Matt sings Wagon Wheel by OCMS <:

Amie, by Pure Prairie League  Everybody loves to sing along - Amie

Another live Peter Rowan song called Midnight Moonlight from the Tiki Bar gig: Midnight Moonlight

Remember The Darlin's on Andy Griffith?  They would sing Dooley, 

Hope you enjoy the tunes - let us know!